The Center for Clinical Genomics offers the following services:

  • High-density expression profiling applying both Affymetrix 3'-expression arrays and the whole transcript Gene ST arrays, and Exon ST arrays for analysis of alternative splicing patterns.
  • High-density expression profiling applying Affymetrix PEG plate format. Projects of 16, 24 and 96 samples, respectively are supported by the PEG plate format.
  • MicroRNA expression profiling by Affymetrix miRNA or Invitrogen NCode v.3 arrays for analysis of non-coding RNA's involved in gene regulation.
  • Whole genome mapping and Copy Number analysis applying several generations of Affymetrix whole genome Human SNP arrays.
  • Next Generation Sequencing, NGS analysis.


Array analysis and platforms

The RH Microarray Center supports all Affymetrix based array platforms. Here a links to the most commenly used affymetrix arrays.

RNA expression analysis:

 Whole-Transcript Expression Analysis 

 3'IVT Expresion analysis

Copy number and SNP genotyping analysis:

Copy Number Analysis

miRNA expression:

 miRNA Analysis


Questions regarding choice of platform can be adress to:

Rehannah Borup, Genomic Medicine 4113

phone: +45 3545 3215, email:

If you plan to use the Made to Order/Custom Array program, please contact us in advance and we will guide you through the ordering process.