The Center for Clinical Genomics offers the following services:

  • High-density expression profiling applying both Affymetrix 3'-expression arrays and the whole transcript Gene ST arrays, and Exon ST arrays for analysis of alternative splicing patterns.
  • High-density expression profiling applying Affymetrix PEG plate format. Projects of 16, 24 and 96 samples, respectively are supported by the PEG plate format.
  • MicroRNA expression profiling by Affymetrix miRNA or Invitrogen NCode v.3 arrays for analysis of non-coding RNA's involved in gene regulation.
  • Whole genome mapping and Copy Number analysis applying several generations of Affymetrix whole genome Human SNP arrays.
  • Next Generation Sequencing, NGS analysis.


Array analysis and platforms

The RH Microarray Center supports all Affymetrix based array platforms. Here are links to the most commenly used affymetrix arrays.

RNA expression analysis:

 Whole-Transcript Expression Analysis 

 3'IVT Expresion analysis

Copy number and SNP genotyping analysis:

Copy Number Analysis

miRNA expression:

 miRNA Analysis


Questions regarding choice of platform can be adressed to:

Olga Østrup, Genomic Medicine 4113

phone: +45 3545 3016, email:

If you plan to use the Made to Order/Custom Array program, please contact us in advance and we will guide you through the ordering process.