Microarray Analysis Prices

At the beginning of each collaboration, we would like to discuss the project with the client in order to accommodate all the needs and expectations. We can advice the client with regards to the experimental design, right choice of platform and bioinformatics, to ensure that right biological questions are asked at the beginning of an experiment.

The Microarray Service Facility is a non-profit unit, hence prices are determined solitarily by the price of consumables used for processing of samples. Examples of prices for microarray analysis stated below are per sample and include all the required material needed for microarray analysis. We support all Affymetrix based array platforms. Please contact us for pricing of non listed arrays.

Prices can be affected by low quality or low amount of input RNA or if the array needs to be re-analyzed. Any alterations are always discussed with the client and no action is taken without approval.

We have a possibility to provide a customer with pro-forma invoice for project applications.